X-Plane Aircraft Construction Center

by Todd Bergland

Welcome to the second version of  my X-plane construction tutorial site. Like the great moose Bullwinkle would say, "This time for sure!". The first site I created was an experiment in web design as well as a test to see if there was enough interest to continue.  Having been posted repeatedly as a link for information, as well as a couple dozen thank you emails, I figure I should clean it up and make it more informative. So here we are!

Why do you want to be at this site?

  1. I'll show you how to use plane-maker.
  2. I'll help you troubleshoot your aircraft.
  3. I'll explain what does what and why.
  4. I want you to enjoy one of the most powerful flight simulations available today.
  5. I want you to have FUN!

Are you looking for aircraft to fly? Sorry, other than a few tutorial models and a couple of my own aircraft, there won't be much here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kristian Nader's SITE at  Not only can you find all kinds of fun things to fly, but this is also where you can publish you own aircraft for the rest of the world to fly. But wait, there's more! There is also a very nice bulletin board for you to post questions and get help.  There are even more features as well!!! Go there and look around, then come back here. I'm not going anywhere :)

What is X-PLANE??? Um.. go here and look  and download the demo. It is a full version of the program and will let you fly for five minutes. Best of all, PLANEMAKER is fully functional in the demo. If you like X-PLANE and you buy a copy (in the store or on-line) you can tinker and build while you wait to get it to you. :)

Who am I? I am a guy who loves to fly. I love to build aircraft and take them up for a spin. I'll tinker with all kinds of ideas. Once you get the hang of PLANEMAKER you'll find you can rough build an aircraft in 15 minutes and see how it handles. From there you can tweak and tinker until you are tired of it, or you find you just want to go flying for a while and enjoy your evening. I am not an engineer nor am I a real pilot. I'm just another guy who wants to help others enjoy the power of X-plane's capabilities.

This website will be an ongoing project. I would recommend that you not bookmark any pages other than this one as the site will may change without warning.